Airdive can supply a range of Bauer™ compressors to fill the requirements of the sport diver needing a portable unit to fill dive cylinders through to those wanting a unit for commercial dive shop operations. Contact Airdive for full specification and price list. Please note that Airdive only exports these products to areas located within the Oceania region (Pacific Islands, New Zealand etc.) We do not export this product to Europe, Republic of South Africa, Asia, USA.Contact your local Bauer agent in these areas for details of compressor costs.

Airdive also stocks a range of Bauer and Poseidon compressor parts so feel free to call for further parts information.

Bauer High Pressure Compressors

Airdive supplies all pad sizes , Sieve and Activated Carbon

Bauer Compressors is a registered trademrk of Bauer Compressors Incorporated and Bauer Kompressoren, GMBH

Poseidon Compressors is a registered trademark of Bauer- Poseidon Kompressoren GEMSHB and Bauer Kompressosoren GMBH