Airdive's 273500A Hookah Filter

Mounting requires 2 X 8mm holes spaced 40MM apart to be drilled at the desired mounting position. Stainless steel bolts are provided with the filter assembly for ease of mounting.

Replacing a filter cartridge takes only a few minutes. The main filter body is unscrewed from the base assembly, the old cartridge is unscrewed and a new cartridge is then screwed in. The filter body is then replaced. If the original filter cartridge is to be repacked the allow around 10 minutes for the cartridge change.

Replacement times vary with moisture content in the atmosphere but a minimum of 25 hours per cartridge with two divers can be expected.

It is recommended that a pre filter/particulate filter be installed in line before the 273500A final filter to assist particle and moisture removal such as the Norgren manual or auto drain filters (NF73G3GNQD3 or NF73G3GNAD3).


273700C Spare Filter Cartridge

210136N70 (BS136) O Seal - Filter body end seals

210112N70 (BS112) O Seal - Filter cartridge to filter base seal

273706 42mm filter pad

273704 Polyethylene sintered disc

290101 Molecular sieve, 1 litre container (700 grams))

290301 Activated carbon, 1 litre container (500 grams)



The filter assembly has one inlet from the air supply system (3/8 BSPTF), a drain assembly and is provided with two 1/4 BSPT female outlet ports.

The filter is easily fitted to most systems but must be fitted after a decent receiver (water trap) assembly.

Airdive can supply various adaptors and outlet couplings such as Tema® or CEJN® female bodies.

The filter is suppled with mounting hardware, drain assembly and 273700C filter cartridge.

Provision has been made for a gauge to fitted to the top of the filter housing if required with a 1/4 BSPT female port fitted (blank plug standard). An oil filled low pressure gauge with stainless steel case (part number 273219) can be supplied as an option if required.Type your paragraph here.

The 273500A final stage hookah filter has been designed to provide quality breathing air to AS2299. Made from high strength gun metal and marine grade brass the filter body is chrome plated and has a working pressure of 250 PSI.

Of most benefit to divers is the fact that the filter has re-packable filter cartridges which are easily replaced in the field. The filter cartridge contains a triple layer of filter chemicals (molecular sieve, activated carbon and molecular sieve) to remove moisture, oil vapor and odors from the air.