Airdive Panel Valves

Service kit number 20150799K is available for maintenance purposes and has components to service both valve types.

The kit comprises:

  • 201718A H.P. Seat.
  • 201712H UHMW Packing Washer.
  • 210010V75 O Seal.
  • 210016V75 O Seal.
  • Item Diagram.

Airdive hydrostatic test station users please note!

These valve can be used in both air and water applications. These valves are fitted to all Airdive hydrostatic test stations. When replacing seals in these systems always inspect the metal seat in the valve body for wear or damage. If damaged, worn or pitted, the most economical option is to replace the complete valve assembly, although the valve body (P/N 201571) is available seperately.

201570H AND 201580H PANEL VALVES

Airdive manufactures a range of high pressure panel valves. Utilising 486 alloy brass ensures strength and durability of this product. Valves are available is two configurations - a two way (one inlet and one outlet) configuration and a three way valve (one inlet and two outlets). Airdive panel valves have a maximum working pressure with air of 330 bar.

Both valves have 1/4 BSPT female inlet and outlet ports, chrome plated finish and plastic valve handles. Valves can be easily serviced while fitted to a panel cheaply and quickly.

Installation is via a 1 inch hole in your panel. A panel lock nut is provided and if required, an optional spacer washer is available (P/N 201572B) if larger fittings or adaptors are used in the 1/4 BSPT ports..